• heyhushiess 23w

    The other day I was thinking about how counting never ends and that there will always be something grater than the other.

    We ask questions and people answer them but what we don't ask is that "Why so?" and in order to answer that question there would always be an answer with another question hanging in the air. We could go on and on with 'whys' all our lives and it'll just be infinite.

    So here's what I've understood from infinity:

    "There's infinity within infinity and we say that there's always an end to things but there isn't an end to the end because it'll always be an infinite end."

    Sorry for being weird.
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    "How weird counting the stars never ends." she said.
    "And how weird is that counting never ends." he replied
    "It's an infinity within infinity" she said astonishingly.
    "Just like there's infinity in my love for you." he confessed.