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    I often see people criticising the government and our country and the countrymen. I am not talking about the criticisms overseas but about the people who speak ill about our country while living in it. You may have your opinions. You may criticise the government policies but being an Indian it is our responsibility to support every decision that is in advantage to our country. Seeing people criticising the Kashimir decision and accusing the soldiers of creating violence in the area is utter nonsense.
    Everyone in country knows what the soldiers of Kashmir go through on a daily basis. The youth of Kashmir performs criminal assault in the form of stone throwing by Kashmiri youth who pelt, bombard or throw stones on the Indian security forces and Jammu and Kashmir Police deployed for crowd control in Jammu and Kashmir. The deployed forces were tied to the vehicles and then hit by stones by these pelters. No one was seen asking justice for those jawans. But today under the influence of some anti-social people there is a feeling of hatred among the people who are in support of the opposition party.
    I just want to ask one question to all those people who are sharing the viral messages and posts of Indian army and soldiers hurting the localities of Kashmir and accusing them of poisoning their food source. HAVE WE EVER HEARD OF OUR INDIAN ARMY REBELLING AGAINST THE STONE PELTERS IN KASHMIR? HAVE WE EVER HEARD OF OUR INDIAN ARMY REPLYING BACK TO THE EXTREMIST POLITICIANS? Then why are we not supporting our soldiers in this time? Why are we not supporting our government in this decision? Why are we not standing with our country at this time?
    Let's being an end to these false accusations and stand with the INDIAN ARMED FORCES.
    Jai hind Jai Bharat����

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    India is our country.
    And you are bound to respect it.

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