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    True story:

    He was just 15years old when his father died. The eldest son of the family. Father was their only source of income. All he was left with, was his two younger brothers, sister and widow mother. All the family wealth was already sold off to fight daily necessities. An additional guest to be entertained was LOAN. It was his time for board exams. No food to eat, no proper place to study, no money, no lights. They studied under the street lights. He stayed in a room that filled with water. Many times it used to get damp. He just placed newspapers on it and slept. But he was a super intelligent child who knew his intelligence could end their sufferings. He studied really hard. At a times they slept without food. So they visited the chai wala(tea stall) nearby, many times a day. Tea killed their hunger for some time. Sometimes the chai wala used to offer them some puffs (kurmura) to chew on and that used to be their only food for the day. He again returned home and drowned himself in books.

    Outstanding efforts gave unbelievably outstanding results. He ranked first in the board exam. A gold medalist in maths and some other subject! He was offered open admission in any college all over India. IIT ,was new those days and they invited him. But he wanted to be an engineer. But no money to pay fees. Also, the family was his responsibility.
    He opted science. Took a decision to sell off his home to repay a part of loan and shifted to Mumbai.

    They took shelter below a tree near the fort in that locality. The family had to spend 2 days there until they could locate their uncle's home. As soon as they shifted to their uncle's place. He started searching for a job. That was now a basic necessity. He helped in a factory that made iron utensils. Days went by and he graduated. Bsc with distinction. He managed to own a small extention to the chawl in his salary. Days went by. He married to an equally talented lady who converted the tiny place into home.
    And they lived happily every after.

    Even today in his old age, he never complains that he is hungry. He never told this story to anyone. Not even to his wife. But truth is like sun. It cannot hide.

    Hunger is a demon that can drag you to the unhealthy paths of life. But a wise and hardworking person can defeat it without taking the ill paths and shine brightly like a sun!
    Eclipse is temperory. You are born to shine : like any tiny star in the sky, because every star has its own storyof success.

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