• nadheemyusuf 6w

    people who think a lot of people are stupid most often end up lonely. if he fails to find similar people with whom he can share his common hatreds, he often finds himself nowhere. this could be due to the delusional sense of intellectual superiority backed by general discontent with the average public, or maybe due to his presence and appearance not making sense to the average human. the condition is often accompanied by blatant narcissism and cynicism sometimes causing him to dissociate within his own stubbornness and hardheadedness. but lets be ironically skeptical here, everyone needs a pinch of narcissism and cynicism to hold onto what he thinks is right. it helps one to adhere to the most currently rational ideology, hindering him from slipping into idiocy. in contrast, he's not proven to be wrong that easily either. but at some point in his life, he starts to crave normalcy. he'd wish he had been like the others, the very kind of people whom he had detested for so long, that he lost track of time. but there's no going back this time. there's only regret and a little self hatred.