• thoughtsaboutyou 10w

    Changing life

    Shifted our house into new apartment
    Quite seems to be feel strange
    Cos the place i lived was a seems less sum of people
    Which will be even called as town
    But coming right to the present
    There are tons of building everywhere
    Opposite to each other
    Can imagine and see what going on there inside the house
    Roads are full of cars and people everywhere
    Small roads are also taken down by motorcycle
    Apart from this
    I learn how to socialize more
    The nature that i have that is, i don't know how to approach people and talk friendly
    I was shy-typed
    But now changing places from town to city
    Have make realise you got to make a step
    Because everyone is equal in terms of mentality
    Started how to deal with problems
    Like finding for job for the first time
    Got in, sit in the office for interview
    Mind was full of nervousness and willpower in mind
    I got my turn and they started their interviews queries
    Give them all the answer will full confidence and honestly
    They appreciate my answers
    Told me that they will call me about the detail of joining the office
    Reached home happily
    Spread good news to my family
    But the office didn't call......
    I waited for days weeks but no responses were there
    In this very moment like this
    Family plays an important part in your life
    They tried to console me
    After this got a courage to walk on
    Attending many interview but got rejected
    Sad and tired
    I started to questions myself why?
    The one moment which i never forget was
    I was waiting for interview for the third and final round
    The first and second round that interview was taken before 10 to 12 pm in the morning till noon
    Cos they were large group of people waiting each of their round
    After this the last interview was held in 3pm
    waiting this last interview without sitting
    There were only 3 of us selected
    They called my names
    Hearts beats faster with prayers in mind
    At least i got a chance to be in this job
    I answer all their question
    But they say we are sorry please come next time
    without giving me reviews about what i was lack of
    I walk out of the office
    Don't know what to do at that moment
    Mind becomes blank and hearts was desperate
    The shirt i dug in as sign of office etiquette
    I pull that off, the people who works in that office look at me like
    What happen to this guy?
    But they barely know my problems
    The moments was filled with tears and anger.
    And it was also raining at that moment
    It filled like showers blessing upon me
    To feel that you are ok...you are fine...
    maybe it not right time for you.
    So i decided to give some time for myself
    To learn more and experiences more in life
    And the most important thing is family
    They are the only reason you are happy
    No matters what problems comes in your life
    There is no one like family to console your problems, not your close friend, boyfriend/girlfriends.
    What ever problem you face in your life
    Just express with all your heart to your family
    They are the only gem that you need in your life.