• alivadutta 6w

    Suicide- Holds an unspoken story

    The words carry their hidden pain.
    The teary eyes holds a thousand of sleepless nights.
    The blade marks on the hand has stories left unshared and unheard.
    The quiet person avoiding the hustle of the world is actually too afraid to speak again.
    They call it mistakes, I shall always call it the times which made them strong persons.
    If they trust and share their stories, listen and understand.
    Respect them for who they are,
    The one time you listened might be the reason they won't turn up for suicide.
    And even if they do, don't judge them later on
    Because you definitely don't know their part of the story.
    Just a small reminder!!!
    No one wants to leave their near and dear ones, it's just that situations compel people to take certain steps..
    Show a little love ,
    They need you and your little care,
    You might be saving a life with your little efforts...