• i_am_zed 31w

    In previous years I've started to distance myself from my parents especially my father i thought "he was inconsiderate of me" in last months i had been feeling unbearable pain in my leg as time passed by it started to increase soon we (my father and my mother) decided to go see a doctor who was in other city we went there and when i spent my first day probably in very long time with my father which we always tried to neglect, in every moment of the he asked me if I'm feeling pain at first i told him i am which i actually was but soon i started noticing he was paying very close attention to me and the pain i was feeling, my father is a fast walker and always bargains for little things but for the first time he walked slowly behind me and didn't bargained anything for me it's been three months now there is no relief in my leg but the acne i was feeling from years now seemed to fade away.