• pranabh_creativity_works 9w

    You are a princess in my heart
    and I care for you so much
    I love the fondness in you eyes
    and your tender little touch
    You bring to me a heart of joy
    and memories so great
    and a powerful sense of brotherhood
    that no one can debate
    That innocent look upon your face
    just makes my heart grow fonder...
    I see you run and jump and shout
    And calling out me anna...
    No love that I have ever known could ever feel the same
    No suffering or tragedy nor deeply seated pain
    Could ever overshadow the bond that we retain
    And so my little princess before you go to sleep
    remember your bro is always besides you
    Who will make you sleep on his laps nd then sleep later...
    A little sis is brothers first daughter..
    So with a full love from the heart
    I wish u a happy daughters day too my little sis...