• _theclassicbird_ 31w

    I know you'll be never mine,
    Yet I crave to catch a glimpse of you,
    I adore the glimmer like no one else does,
    We are a part of the love trigon,
    Hurts me a bit,
    But my eyes sparkle,
    As to listen you talking of her,
    I imagine 'we' of being in unison,
    I choose to stay,
    I choose to pause,
    While you turned out to be a poetry,
    We fade away in words,
    I have no power to choose you,
    Despite that I'll never loose you,
    You are my treasured daydream,
    Solely owe the mastery to clutch my gasp away,
    I vow to love you in all your guise,
    I vow to stake our bond till perpetuity.