• kaz_ishmael 6w

    A new tomorrow

    There is an old saying
    don't darn the bridge that you cross
    for you will find yourself there again
    one day when you are lost

    many don't realize what they have
    until they find there self alone
    then you wish it would come back
    but your chance is already gone

    and you will begin to hate yourself
    for letting a good person leave and say goodbye
    because you will never miss the well
    until the water has run dry

    and the one you push away
    is now someone else future
    for one person's garbage
    is another person treasure

    and when they see you are no longer sad
    and you carry an abundance of laughter
    some people will use their jealousy
    to destroy the other person character

    Rejection will hurt a lot more
    when they had your attention before
    but selfish people will never feel alone
    until you left them and walk out the door

    some people will spread lies and rumors
    to bring the nightmare to your sweet dreams
    and they will throw stones in the water
    just to form ripples in the streams

    respect, trust, and understanding
    is the main ingredient of any relationship
    and without that in the foundation
    just like an old transmission, it will surely slip

    sometimes you spend years in a relationship
    living with your eyes close
    and not see that the problems to your happiness
    was there in front of your nose

    if someone take advantage of your love
    they were not worth your love in the first place
    and they will only know what they lost
    when they see happiness on your face

    So today you are the bridge they burn
    you are the ashes the wind blows
    but the person you are in your heart
    is treasure that will forever glows

    So thought your tears may fall today
    for you are hurt and feel sorrow
    but after the night will come the day
    and the sun will shine on a new tomorrow