• janmeshthoughts 23w

    That connection between two souls
    should be Unbreakable.Talk with
    them who understands your silence
    behind every talk. Keep those one
    close who can read your Tiredness
    behind the Smile. Hold them who
    understand you in hard times and
    keeps you happy. Always consider
    them and there suggestions, they
    gave you just to make you smile.
    Be grateful to have them who always
    make the effort to stay with you
    after every fight. Not everyone laugh
    with you, cares for you, real ones
    will stay in sadness too. Never
    ignore or leave anything for the
    constant ones for temporary people.
    The bond should be like, funny,
    crazy. Be Permanent not Temporary
    Be Lovable, not Shelfish. Be Crazy,
    not Depressed. Be Thankful, not Miserable.