• davetrotter 5w

    THE WORST PLACES TO LIVE IN THE WORLD ARE THE PLACES WHERE THEY TAKE AWAY YOUR INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGN RIGHTS FROM GOD AS A FREE CREATED AGENT OF GOD TO CONDUCT YOUR LIFE HOWEVER YOU WANT TOO. GOD HAS GIVEN EVERY INDIVIDUAL PERSON THE RIGHTS FROM GOD TO SPEAK freely, to EXPRESS themselves freely, to MOVE about freely and to WRITE freely. THE LEADERS of the health organizations in governments and the Political Leaders there of. HAVE GREATLY ABUSED THEIR POWERS with great help from the EVIL MEDIA. TO CREATE unnecessary extreme fears over a virus that most people will survive it if they get sick from it.
    IF PEOPLE WERE ALLOWED TO CONDUCT THEIR LIFE'S NORMALLY EVEN THOUGH THERE IS A VIRUS, THE VIRUS WOULD BE DEAD BY NOW. BUT COMMUNIST AND SOCIALIST LEADERS created these abnormalities on purpose causing the people to worship FEAR over a virus is the most destructive thing anyone could have done. May the God of creation condemn all these evil leaders who did not seek God's face to know what to do. MAY GOD AVENGE US all of the wrong that these leaders have done to us. MAY GOD BRING HIS JUDGMENT and wrath down upon these evil leaders unless they repent of the evil that they have done to us. ┬ędavetrotter