• fadinglights 6w


    What did summer holidays meant?

    For me it's the eternal drop of mangoes,especially the stolen ones!

    So,the theory goes like this
    The more you stole the more tastier it is ,And oh!, how can we forget about the loyal guards of the tree.Who has climbed a tree without getting a single bite from them?
    Oh! I can still feel the tickles
    . The way we share mangoes - Even lord Jesus couldn't think of a better way. The endless fight for a piece.

    Now when I eat mangoes I can't have that momentary bliss on my face.
    I don't have to fight for one,and I can have the whole for myself,but I miss back then. Now I will put a status and see my friends commenting about the past. But no-one even me never mention about going back few years and meeting near the tree and being the 12 year old kids.

    Nostalgia hits everyone but it itself in the next moment turns into a nostalgia