• gyabhags 6w

    To be found.

    Returned are the days when she feels abandoned,
    Amidst her family, amidst her friends.
    She is given all the love she deserves,
    But her heart feels so unloved.
    It was going alright, she was untroubled,
    In the middle of nowhere, she now feels friendless.
    Her body lies in the sea of well-wishers,
    But her soul lies secluded.
    Her skin unable to feel the warmth of others,
    Her lips unable to smile like her mother's.
    She knows it'll perish sometime soon,
    But she has to reach the moon.
    She is waiting for that touch,
    To shoot up to her brain and explode
    She is waiting for that voice
    That'll make her fly delighted
    She is waiting for that smile,
    Bright enough to make her blind.
    She is that pearl lying alone,
    On the bed of the sea, you have yet to find.