• girlblunnder 5w

    Emotional Connections

    Empathy saw Apathy from across the way, he swooned as strands of Auburn tousled in the breeze. He watched the wind run its fingers in her hair, he would tell you how he'd never seen such beauty in all of his life. He would tell you that her eyes were like blank, dark pits lacking emotional fortitude. Though he could never tell if it was because she could not cope with emotion or that she'd simply never had the opportunity to feel much of anything at all. His heart ached to teach her love, he often pondered from a distance what it might be like to hold her eye for more than a passing second.

    Envy's eyes flecked shades of green  each time Empathy brought Apathy by for tea. Tears tinted his eye line each time he watched Empathy over step trying to pull kindness out of Apathy. He watched Empathy's lips as he spoke, he pulled Melancholy closer to his side hoping for a side eyed glance. 

    Melancholy was never good at processing his loneliness nor his intense longing for the past. He often buried himself in Envy's embrace hoping that he could remember a time or place where his loneliness wasn't so encombering. He never really minded that Envy only held him closer while Empathy was near. He always knew he wasn't the one, but somewhere in his soul he understood that he would never be the one for anything. So he settled in his sea of emptiness that seemed to flow so recklessly around him.

    Rage observed from the corner, her eyes darting from body to body until they landed on Insecurity. Irritation buried itself into the pit of her stomach long ago, quietly while no one was watching. You couldn't hear Rage when she spoke, tears of Anger himself had burned through her voice box long ago. Insecurity felt Rage's gaze on the neck, believe it or not Rage had held Insecurity's hand for nearly a decade before Empathy found himself slowly but gently pulling their hands apart. Insecurity however always knew they weren't good enough for Rage. Insecurity stared at the clouds, trying to remember what they were even doing here in the first place. Insecurity you see had always struggled with Acceptance who was constantly preaching that they should be proud of their uncertainty even if they never really understood it to begin with. Insecurity knew they never would. Melancholy sometimes brought his friend Nostalgia around and Insecurity could almost taste who they might have been had they not been so afraid in the first place. 

    Acceptance liked to whisper in Doubts ear because Doubt only ever listened to Fear. Doubt thought Fear was a better listener, though it had always been a rather one sided relationship. Acceptance hoped that one day Doubt and Courage might find themselves on speaking terms again, they had been fighting for so long that even Envy had left them be. 

    Courage started hanging out with Pride, which while on the surface seemed like a rather fine combination but Recklessness usually seemed to tag along and he made sure nothing ever went as planned. Sometimes even Arrogance shakes his head at those three, pausing to admire the chaos they seem to emanate before quietly reassuring himself that he could do what they're doing with absolute grace and assurance because he knows just like everyone else just how perfect he was made.

    Fear likes to hang out with Loneliness, they often sit together in silence that feels heavy even to them. Loneliness had recently moved into the biggest house he could find, thinking he could out run himself… as it turns out Loneliness is even more alone than before in fact, sometimes he loses himself in the hallways for days before find his way outside again. Fear is always waiting for him, she's too afraid to leave the front porch because Comfortability makes it impossible for her to have any faith in herself. Sometimes, Loneliness thinks Fear only stays because she's too afraid of what could happen if she left Loneliness truly alone. What Fear doesn't know is that Depression has made his home in the basement and he's been on the edge of his seat for months. Loneliness takes care of him because that's what he's always wanted. Depression seems to be overly moody and irritable about the arrangement until it's dark outside and he can't sleep because his brain just won't be quiet. 

    Happiness sits in the tree outside and is always coaxing all four of them to come out to play. Fear however doesn't trust Happiness because she's been known to be a bit finicky, she comes and goes as she pleases. Sometimes Happiness wonders if she and Loneliness will ever speak again, especially because she's the one who left Depression on his doorstep. She just didn't understand him the way Loneliness might.

    Depression used to sleep next to Trauma every night, he still sees her when closes his eyes. Trauma met Narcissist a few months ago, she hasn't been the same since. Empathy tried to get involved but Apathy got in the way while Control snuck passed. No one has heard from Trauma in days, Guilt likes to remind everyone that they looked right passed his red flags everytime she brought him around. Naivete still cries sometimes because he once took her out to dinner, but she's never finished the story when she tells it. Only Empathy knows what happened in Naivete's car, he can feel the discomfort across the room.

    Irrationality walks around with the weight of the world on her back, you can almost see the impressions. Everyone seems to avoid her, which she tries hard to understand but ultimately knows it's probably because of her explosive nature. Lust watches Empathy, who watches Apathy. She can see his body language, read his lips. His yearning tastes like honey on her lips. How could he confuse one with the other so easily. Though it entertains her none the less.