• msushil 45w

    As she entered the classroom, the pendulum of heart touched the extreme point and didn't return, I became spelled bound to see the charismatic beauty. First time, my eyes got struck and I didn't focus on the subject that the lecture was teaching boringly.
    I couldn't escape myself from her celestial beauty.
    Every part of mine reacted and I couldn't sleep at all, the echoes of my heart spelled her name frequently. She became another important subject for me just like Fluid flow, heat transfer and mass transfer.
    To master this subject, I tried many a thing, but not a single ploy of mine worked.
    Grabbing my nerve one day, as I approached her in the engineering lab, handing her a beautiful rose, she smiled placing the rose in my lab record and whispered, 'Sorry young man, you are late, I am another man's priority, I am no more a young girl, I am a fiancee now, see my ring, don't worry, a girl would come who would not only love you but also become your favourite subject whom you will adore more the way you have done for me.'

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