• bokutu 6w

    Rays of Hope

    As a blooming seed prepares for growth through pain
    She learns that their is no better skill to gain
    Knowing the unfair and wrongs of the world
    Staying for what's right both fair in bold
    Like the sun shining in all of it's brilliance
    And petals blown by the wind in abundance
    Though thine faces their own problems
    Restrainted by love for others
    She can't help but spray Rays of hope
    Like the brilliant sun she is
    Though burning inside from heat and pressure
    Relentlessly facing struggles
    Thou will still stand tall
    And never fall
    For without the sun all is cold and dull
    And the night takes toll
    gloomy and frightful
    For without the warmth of the sun
    Life is nowhere near as precious and or fun