• khandelwalvaidehi 10w

    There is a reason why those four walls become a home to us and is so close to our hearts.

    A place where all the people live together happily.

    A place where you all know each other so well that even a slight change in their behaviour makes you sad and forces you to think that something is not right with them.

    A place where you fight with your siblings for just a small piece of cake and after watching that grumpy look on their face you give them the whole chunk.

    A place where your mumma loves you so much that she keeps on feeding you and still think that you are not getting fat.

    A place where your father doesn't allow you to party and then you team up with your mother for blackmailing him emotionally and however manage to go out.

    You don't notice these things when they happen but after a long period of time when you remember all these little things they just bring tears in your eyes, your heart melts and you just quietly sit there smiling...


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    The real home....