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    Life is running constantly, all you need to do is to match it's pace, but is that all?... No, Life is not just about breathing in the process you actually have to Live.
    There are so many things that go on in day to day Life, not everything happens according to your wish but it doesn't mean Life is unfair to you, that's how it works isn't it ??
    Whatever happens it brings something out of us, it's a human trait that we notice and feel negative factors first but that is something we need to understand that regardless of whatever happens we must appreciate the positive aspects in the first place and try to Rectify the negative ones.... It's Life it doesn't give us Everytime what we wish,
    Nurturing the gift of Life, appreciating the Bliss of Nature that's what we really need to do.
    Soul never lies, it always pushes you to the Right Direction because it's a God's part,..... It's you who choses the wrong ones..... All you need to do is to listen to your Instincts, it'll Direct you to the correct Path.
    Understand the Journey you given to,.... God do exist in you.....
    Bring out the Best of you and let the Nature handle the Rest.
    Always remember you are not alone, something somewhere is helping you, maybe unseen but yet Present.
    ॐ शांति

    © Gaura

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    Something will Develop from the happenings of your Life,
    It'll be you to decide what it must be.