• roviso 27w

    Period in Us

    Being a girl is not something we choose, it's a gift from the Creator and our Parents. As a woman, there are portions of us which menfolk take for granted. We girls are more then an external appearance that we put on.

    I remember it was 1st November when I got my first curse. The feeling of panic ran all over me. There was shame and fear and I knew not what the next. I went to my mother and said, "Mum there is a flow there in my girlness ".

    A big bright smile from her broad face dissolved all my worries. "Rose; thank God, you are now a real woman". She helped me and taught me the art of maintaining this act. That's how I dealt the reality.

    Dear gentlemen, we go through tough phases of life. You see us cheerful and jolly, decorated and perfumed, voluptuous and sexy but do you know that deep inside us we have our nature?