• mika_baby10 10w


    I'm so in awe , everytime I see your face, your little smirks and your laugh ... God words can't describe the feelings that rush through my body whenever your near me, I'm so in love with every inch oh you
    I look you up and down and still nothing
    Not one imperfection.
    I tend to find myself envying people who get to hangout with you and talk, because needless to say , that's all I want and think about , every second of the day I wonder how your day was, I get butterfly's when someone asks me a simple question with your name in it
    "What time does ______ get home?"
    My entire body quivers from just the thought of your skin touching mine,
    Finger tips and toes entertwining with mine under our freshly washed sheets, the smell of lavender and a hint of ciggerettes smell from when you drove home accepting the burden of the day, the smell enter my lungs and instantly I'm home, finally safe and happy ,

    when you are gone I start to think of you, in so many beautiful ways,
    I start to imagine your face , especially on bad days I think about ,
    every little freckle and scar and how each thing is what makes up you, it leaves a warm feeling in my chest, witch is nice cause I've only felt the cold, I try to think of one thing that is wrong with you, just one and I think I figured out what that is, it's the only thing I can come up with....

    Your only flaw
    is that
    YOU are flawless~