• chikenjoy 5w

    You belonged to a place where broken songs thought they can never be mended.

    But you heard them not with your ears but with your heart and it somehow melted.

    The melody, the strings, and even the day's breeze told you its story.

    That even the littlest thing of all things carry the burden of an agony.

    Yet you stayed still, letting the pain resonate with yours.

    It's all bottled up, too much and it's impossible to be closed.

    You take a look at the skies painted with no traces of a single colour.

    It gave you a sign and you started by removing the sorrow.

    The journey was bumpy but you never ran away.

    Because each destination led you in believing that things will be okay.

    All flowers eventually bloomed as you walked.

    Now the pathways are filled with petals and colors creating your own garden and stalk.

    The skies thanked you, they now turned into pastel.

    And without you knowing, the song has already completed.

    All along, it was just you who we all needed.

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