• sinclair 9w

    I had a dream

    Different from a nightmare

    But not a happy one either

    So here I'll tell the story

    As my mind flickers through a fire

    I closed my eyes, and drifted off

    And you came to me in the early morning

    I was walking off the bus

    A woman asked me about love

    'It's useless' I told her 'Always gets you hurt'

    And she looked at me with a sullen smirk

    But I'm not here to rhyme

    I felt your breath hot on my neck

    Oh! The dream was so vivid I could have died

    You looked at the woman, then pulled me away

    To a picnic table

    In the cool, calm shade

    My cheeks burned, and my heart beat fast

    The blades of grass tickled my ankles

    You grabbed my hand and I sucked in a gasp

    The words you whispered for just us to know...

    I can't tell the world what they were

    But you were sorry and you wanted me

    That's all I really know

    As my eyes watered and you lifted your hand

    You stroked my cheek

    I remember wondering about the girl that wanted you

    Knowing she was watching

    But you meant too much to let go

    And the tears in your eyes were happy

    Mine were full of passion and grace

    As your hand lingered on my skin and a million prickles of warmth shot through me

    It was a moment of pure passion

    One I will surely never forget

    As I jerked awake at 6:30 in the morning

    And my heart dropped from my body as I realized it was all fake

    A faulty hoax

    The silent sobs shook my body

    As I cried into my bed

    For what was real and violent made my whole hope for love and life

    Come to an excruciating, horrifying, passionate

    The End