• painted_pains 33w

    I don't know why I'm writing this.. But..

    Hurts.. When people ask that..
    "She's ur best friend right??"..
    And I feel the weight of my heart..
    It hurts.. We can't become friends again.. You betrayed me once.. I forgot .. Again.. I forgot.. Again I forgot.. But now.. It can't happen.. I know..
    But that stupid hope in me thinks it can happen again.. But I'm so fragile now.. That I can't bear any more betrayals..
    Friend.. Okay, classmate.. Pls.. I don't know if it is the same you.. Or someone new.. You want me to be your friend now, I can feel that(juzz an assumption).. But.. I.. Don't know.. We.. We can't.. I can't hide anything more.. Those were small things.. But I think we'd better be the way we are..
    I'm your friend always..
    But both of us are made as south poles..

    We can never live together..��..
    And ya, readers, pls don't start it again.. Those who've betrayed you couldn't have been your best friend.. I'm the only one who can talk about her..
    I still love her..

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