• soumi_mallick 5w

    The witch

    At the darkest of nights, she comes as vague shadow
    Adorned in white, she appears like a widow
    Her hairs all falling on her face
    Sets anyone into cold sweat
    The rustling noise she makes when moving
    The haunted air she spills for musing
    In the ghastly voice she takes your name or mine
    Will send chills all the way down the spine
    She'll play and play and will keep on haunting
    Before people however much; you appear to be vaunting
    She will make you stand grounded as a stone
    The fearless boasting one will not feel even a bone
    She has her feet turned backwards you'll find
    One second she's in front of you and the next you'll feel she's whispering at your ear from behind
    She will rise in the air and jump from heights
    She will make such gestures which'll give you freights
    Her dark eye balls and scratched face
    Her ugly smile will stop you pace
    So darling! If she's ever like this
    Do believe! She is a witch
    If you don't believe in ghosts and spirits
    Encountering her will shiver your heart; they do exist.