• efe_soul 5w


    Past events actually ended in tears
    It all actually did
    I didn't know what to do with his kiss on my neck
    The first day we walked
    I just listened to my inner mind which said...its okay its going to be okay
    This is actually a poem caused i sucked at writing
    but i hope you like words being placed
    Words i couldn't say
    Words am actually trying to communicate
    I hope you get....
    What am trying to point out
    Yeah...am guessing you know i like you
    But what is life
    Our fear gets the best of us...
    and am the type to give in.....

    Fast forward to 8:46,October 29th
    A cool Tuesday
    Everything was going great
    First day i actually didn't have my normal migraines
    You smiled a lot and i found my self losing it
    I couldn't keep my chill around you
    And it was frustrating
    You looked at me
    You came close
    I found my feet's moving also
    I lost it
    I kissed you first shocked that you wont even respond
    It was the perfect 8 or 9 seconds kiss i had ever gotten
    I blushed ...
    Cause i couldn't breathe
    I actually couldn't stop thinking of your lips
    But..why would i...
    Its too soon to say you are my drug
    But i actually fear you are my biggest weakness at this point
    Its crazy....
    And just realized we meant cause of a course
    And now things are building into just one word....