• thisisani1 30w

    Girl, you want to pluck a rose from my garden.
    Easy, there are thorns too, but you can crave the rose,
    I believe , if you silence them.
    But meanwhile, the garden you see, was full of flowers once.
    The seasons never changed it's view,
    The charisma was never less than anything.
    But there was a drought once, a flood preceded it,
    So now you know, why when you want to get close,
    I had to push you away, far away.
    Now you know, why it's not easy , to answer all your questions , when my thoughts ask a million within that time gap.
    Now you know, why it's getting colder everyday here,
    All those flowers were destroyed by weeds someday,
    In those months , the flowers begged for mercy.
    But it was vicious nature of the weeds to destroy every hint of it's fragrance.
    Now you know while I asked you to crave the rose,
    Why it's getting darker.
    It isn't, it's your lips bleeding darling.
    Pressed against the thorns.
    You think all it wanted was rain.
    Beloved, it always meant thunderstorms.

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