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    Title: forgive but not forget
    Collection: better

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    forgive but not forget

    People hurt each other
    Even under the weather.
    Whether its by words or actions, they'd prefer,
    We still hurt one another.

    Emotions spring free
    Like the birds as they flee.
    It's an overcrowded sea
    For this beating heart we keep.

    Apologies are said for mistakes,
    But apologies are hard to take.
    Forgiving someone is hard to make,
    But it might ease the ache.

    Forgive those that hurt you,
    But don't forget that they hurt you.
    Forgive them all through,
    They might be lessons for you.

    Second chances might be hard to give,
    But it's better to give than receive.
    You'll feel lighter as you live,
    You'll feel better if you forgive.