• nkesichi 6w


    During the 'small talk' yesterday which happened before we were handed the discharge certificate.

    Our speaker Ms Ifeoma xxxx, a representative of the state coordinator who was educated and worked really hard to be where she is today and also speaking to intellectuals passing out.

    She boldly announced that women today, are more obsessed and interested about money than character. (To myself: why shouldn't I be obsessed about money?)
    Then in her words, *"women has made, men to become liars"* WTF? I knew that was it so I stood up and I walked out.

    From outside, I heard her apologising to men for women's misconduct. I wish I could enter there and clarify her.

    Hello? We are in 2020. Not 82 Bc!!! What is our problem? We have refused to think, ask questions and search for the right answers! Not just any answer.

    The only wrong women has done wrong is, refusing to stand up for their rights.

    Women need not apologise for anything. Society and men needs to apologise to women. Women has been victims of wars, sexual harassment and abuse, violence, every kind of pain started by men.

    Society has stigmatised women, belittled women, stereotyped women. Women needs an apology for all that and not the other way round.

    We need genuine changes. Marriage is never an achievement!