• farnajsyed 5w

    Evening of 2nd

    That cold winter evening
    With a sunset of everlasting hue
    I was embedded in your warmth
    Concealed with you.
    The night took over the last rays
    Like we got closer becoming one
    The stars above us knew for that they smiled
    Glimmering onto our skins
    The wind got calm in the dark
    Adrenaline gushing through our veins
    Superseding our all pains
    My fingers running through your hair
    Your arms over mine
    Lips sealed against yours
    That sound of your heavy breath
    Heartbeats synchronized
    The smell of yours still fresh in me
    A part of mine is lost in you
    We were just as blank canvas
    Where we drew lines endlessly
    That brought life the eccentricity
    And made us all alive
    Over the window i see the morning now
    It was all like some art
    That would take a lifetime to admire