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    Be thankful for what you have!

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    Fitting in

    I know as kid you have always worries about fitting in into different schools as two pre school or elementary school and middle school or high school or college. But has years go by you never think that fitting in can be so hard. You never know what you can turn your back on. Or what you can turn into. You have not be a punk and you have to stand up for yourself. You know there is one place were us as a person don't have about fitting in and that is home. And at home we have others people who we call family. I can't describe my dreams family in one word. But how I would describe my perfect dream family is the people who believe in you or care about you and love you. who has your back. Or look up to you. People who you can laugh and joke with. Who don't judge you for your mistakes. So that is who I will call my family. There is no another way to celebrate others than a special day. We teasure it better than for nothing For better or worse!