• arthurjerrythompson 23w

    Grim Satisfaction

    I don’t want to be me,
    I want to run like someone
    Who thawed out of Dante’s icebox,
    And I want to scream and it
    Be a relief,

    Just scream Like insanity.
    I’m insane and it’s everything to know
    You hear that.

    I only tell you,
    Because I’m sure you are,
    Or either I’m too far for existentialism.

    We haven’t spoken in a while,
    Nor do I choke on my tongue so often anymore;
    Nor do I suffocate, sweating in the crowd now:
    But of course I do all this often.
    I fear you

    While I count all the fallacies of your life:
    Not the actions but the principles you wobble on –
    The sand, hollow, and ashes wet.

    After that,
    We begin.

    You see, a grave is the most meaning most get,
    (Sure, we can be pretentious:
    Any confidence is; Any self-pity
    Is selfishness, narcissism –
    What could be true
    Partly is)

    Is it death, is it life:
    Which is most important?
    Are either at all?

    Its been said that meaning
    Is a man-made invention:
    It is only what we see.
    (Nothing matters)

    Maybe God wants me
    To preach and smile.
    I yearn and grind yet
    And I’m certain the feeling is divine condemnation,
    (Not from within…
    But maybe it is –
    I’m not the one who would know anyway.