• riyabhagtani 36w

    A letter to my new self,
    Happy Birthday! So now that you're 15, you've been through the rollercoaster of emotions. Let's take a look?
    To the days you were known as "untalented" , do you remember how you cried every night because you weren't a part of anything? You remember how one compliment ran in your head for the whole month? Do you remember how people left at that tender age? How you pushed yourself everyday? You remember the first day you went to dance class? The first video you uploaded? The first compliment you got? Do you remember those lectures when last bench and science was the successful experiment of poetry? The first time you got a repost? Do you remember the first time you defeated everyone and won 1st? The first time you performed a poetry? Do you still smile when recollect those cheers? Be proud of yourself for you've achieved what you always dreamt of! To all the expectations you hold, set them loose. They aren't appropriate. To all the times you wanna be important to someone. For you're tired of seeing those friendships. For you wanna feel one. Wait for the right. In all these chaos, breathe. Cherish all the moments gone. And do you smell this new beginning? Here's my gift for you.
    Yours younger self!