• hittika 5w

    I don't think you ever unlove someone you once loved so dearly. Come to think of it like this, if 10 years from now you are asked about love, wouldn't the ones you have parted your ways with pop up in your mind and slide through your tongue? Maybe you won't take their names or admit to yourself at that time but when you will describe love, I am sure a part of your theory would entirely be dedicated to them and you will know it in your heart.
    I think, when we say *I don't love you anymore*, we actually mean to say *I'm not in love with you anymore*. Which means that there still are fragments in your body that loves them, but they don't beat because of them. There is still so much love for them in your heart, but you are no longer a part of that love.
    The love, that we unlove is just the love that no longer have our souls in it. It stops affecting us, stops ruling us. It is the love that we have gained power over.

    Honey, all I want to say is "Love is forever" in every literal sense. It's just our part in it, is what I'm not sure about.