• lostjuliet 31w

    Dear bygone,

    On these gloomy nights of my life I find you like a star shivering in the sky, waiting for me to warm you up in my embrace. On these nights cold winds still feel warm in comparison to my colder arms without you. These nights are all shattered and it's terrifying that you're not with me.

    Last year you passed and took away everything from me. My heart bled and bled till nothing was left but somewhere you remained still. I gulped all the screams and blood back down my throat and still tried to breathe in this intoxicating air.And on somedays this loneliness engulfs me whole and I realize how heavy a barrage this emptiness can be.

    There's this letter you gave me while you were in war with the days left in your struggle with tumor, trying to steal away a little more time. But life's never been much kind, has it?
    I unfolded it today after finally finding the strength to read it. It carried your minty fragrance - the homely smell, enough for me to find my peace even for few seconds.

    In that letter you told me about how we lived our forever in all the moments we shared, of how you never regret any decision you took with me. You told me you never wanted to hurt me nor do you want to be left as a scar in my life, you told me to let you go and live for both of us, live and relish every moment for you.
    Tears escaped my eyes and marked a journey for me just then.You may think you're a scar but rather the most beautiful one that I'll embrace my whole life and how could I regret such a beautiful choice too. I miss you with every breath but I have filled myself with your love and dreams. And that's how I'll live for both, you and me. And whenever it gets tough down here, I know you'll send some light to brighten my every dark night.

    I'll love you always.

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    And whenever it gets tough down here, I know you'll send some light to brighten my every dark night.....