• mikibroken 5w

    The Note and The Knot

    I glare at my blank paper
    It seems to stare back
    Giving me a challenge
    With it's empty eyes
    Taunting me about how I can't do this
    But then I do
    I write a simple ,"I'm sorry."
    Then I put the note aside
    Stepping up onto my chair
    Looking up into the air
    I take a deep breath
    Then pull on the rope
    The knot seems strong enough
    As I tie it around my throat
    I close my eyes
    Imagining paradise
    Wondering what it will be like
    I take a step forward
    Staring down at my floor boards
    I take another I'm now at the edge
    I'm not that far off the ground but it feels like a cliffs ledge
    I take my last step
    I'm now hanging there
    Gasping for air
    But even though I'm scared
    I just close my eyes
    And imagine paradise
    ~The End~