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    When you're up until late in the night listening to your music breathing in deep and talking to yourself about what is that one thing you wanna become that one damn thing you wanna be

    "I wanna be all that and all nothing at the same time " that's my favourite line

    Keeping it simple
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    I Wanna Be

    I wanna be the first man to do something
    But I don't know the first thing about anything

    I wan my parents to have the best son
    I guess they are not as lucky as were my grand one's

    I wanna be the scholar wanna be the best student of my batch
    But I know ,no scholar get high on Malana hash

    I wanna be the best brother Never wanna fight with my sister
    But then how will I tell her I love her when we fight and swore not to talk to each other

    I wanna be a better person everytime I'm decked
    But even if I learn from my mistakes I still can't be perfect

    I wanna achieve some respectable goals like everyone else in my life
    But don't wanna be the part of the heard wanna be different wanna be purple as the spiked loosestrife

    I wanna be there for my people wanna be the best for my friends
    But then people are selfish(myself included) and friends are fake(myself excluded) sometimes : so... THE END

    I wanna be the best boyfriend for my girl wanna make her the center of my world
    Insecurities peeps in not her's ,...mine
    ;as our story unfurleds

    I wanna inspire I wanna take a stand I wanna be bold
    But you can't quench anyone's thirst from a vessel having too many holes

    I wanna be a great writer wanna be inerrable
    But that great writer will never understand the satisfaction in being terrible

    I wanna walk on the moon I wanna see the outer space well I can't be an astronaut
    May be I can but I'm too busy tryna be a good Engineer I'll give it a thought

    I know the past;can't change it
    The present; can't range it
    The future; can't arrange it

    I wanna be all that and all nothing at the same damn time

    I wanna be as powerful as the sea and as humble as a banyan tree
    I'll make my life worth living to the point I'm proud of it till then I just wanna be