• vivek_p 23w

    A long post indeed,but it's my personal opinion on poetry. Please do read and like if you agree! :)
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    They seldom ask the poet where he
    Goes to find these fleeting thoughts
    That come down like cold rain on paper
    With ink, tears, and wishes ,now nought

    Most may tell you it's the heart
    That holds these tales of agony
    And some yet may not tell apart
    If its their numb mind or treachery

    But few will be among the "crowd"
    A happy few,lest you mind
    Who care not where poetry comes from
    As long as their hearts have sunshine

    For naught the mind nor the heart
    Nor ole sorrow, shall comprehend
    What tales the sun and stars yet have
    What "poetry" nature shall next send

    Just look within the river merry
    See the dewdrops on the grass
    Seek out all the happiness
    And hope that moment won't ever pass

    Then you'll see the poetry
    That's hidden under nature's nest
    And open up your heart for once
    For its poetry at its best. .

    ©vivek_p / 13.06.'18