• poisonandnectar 10w

    Do you hear them
    The voices,
    Are they calling you too
    To join them
    They promise me many things
    Some of which I don't even need
    Needless to say I am intrigued
    I run towards them
    Right or left I go in every direction
    I don't know if I am running towards them
    Or away from them
    I want to find them so bad
    And yet hide from them
    In the darkest shed
    They scream they bite they claw they fight
    They are torturing me
    But they keep me company at night
    I hear them every second
    Their voices a constant reminder
    Of things that shouldn't have happened
    They keep me awake at night
    They keep me company during the day
    I want them to stop
    But they just wouldn't go away
    Now that I think about it
    I think I want them to stay
    They never make me feel alone
    I think they also want a friend
    And that's what they are trying to say.

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