• mrauthor 11w

    Well all of us at some point in our lives have turned to paper as our confidante.
    #gradual #pod #deep #feelings #love #poetry

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    The darkness of my heart
    Inks my inner thoughts
    Writing away
    An unknown tale
    The symposium of letters
    And the convocation of words
    Ballet to a ballade of poesy
    As she have a secret rendezvous
    With her swain
    Paper, clean and chaste
    She confides in him
    As my grievances find release
    But to whom does this paper whisper
    The reflection of his heart
    As his silence listen
    To the cantillate of my soul
    I let my ink
    Explore the depth of him
    In hopes of gradually
    Being able to listen the serenade
    Of his heart.