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    "I'm living my best life"
    I'm living out my dreams and full potential
    No need for me to please the dreamers who can't dream
    It's not my fault I don't cry to feel at ease
    Or tip toe over spilled milk that never was intended for me
    And change my character when I'm tired of being me
    I love my life , can't you see
    These journals are just filled with endless memories of someone I use to be
    I walk with my head held high
    No need to wipe my eyes
    My hands aren't numb from constantly stitching my heart to one
    My eyes aren't heavy I'm just really tired
    I sleep perfectly fine at night
    Pillow never soaked but dry
    Why would I have to remind myself that I'm alive
    Every morning I'm not waiting on the sun to wake me from the only dreams that make me feel whole
    I've haven't been avoiding the truth
    I was just patiently waiting on someone to finally tell me the good part of all of this
    "I'm living my best life"
    And I smile because I am happy
    Not because I'm pretending to be fine
    And I'm really all alone
    And on my walls are words filled with lies
    So that's why my hands are cracked
    And my smile is broken
    My heart is poured out on my arm but I cover them with paper so you won't have to know
    I look in the mirror and barley recognize myself
    And I thought I would be able to trick you into seeing me as someone else
    Not this hypocritical liar
    Who can't even get a hold of herself
    And tells the world she's
    " Living her best life"
    When no one even asked her
    she asked herself.

    -denisha renee-

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    Hypocritical Liar