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    Raise against rape

    Don't say Man,
    you're not here to protect me,
    stop act,
    stop don't touch me,

    I'm your sister,
    man please please,
    give me a value,
    I'm also human being,

    I'm innocent,
    stop please ! stop please !
    I'm juvenile,

    hang them hang them,
    don't call you are REAL MARD,
    kill you rapist,

    justice say me,
    why don't you hang them,
    save teenagers !
    save woman's,

    Lag raha he society ki,
    har koi sidha nayi rehta h,
    you save yourself or you remained unsaved,

    behen bhai kehte h,
    par dil patar h MARD ho ka,
    MARD HO bolna,
    stop rape,

    kaha gayi justice,
    koi h bolney wale,
    stop against rape,

    save our juvenile now,
    say please,
    stop RAPE,
    raise against rape,

    kill rapist,
    hang them,
    Make a fear in society,

    Break the silence on mens voilence,
    No means NO,
    stop rape,

    save teenagers,and our youngsters,
    mature woman's,
    and our old woman's,

    End voilence to woman's now,
    you make the difference between animals and humanity,
    whatever its not consent !

    old traumas triggered, and fearing for my safety, I did what I felt I needed to do !

    so stop RAPE,
    Be a humans always,
    not as a animals,


    written by - Maheshwar