• _muqadas_ 9w

    I Love You

    I feel so blessed to have found a soul like you, the soul i have ever searched for.Meeting you feels like i have got a whole universe.I know it would look pretty weird if i ask you to accept this damaged soul of mine and heal me, take the broken pieces of mine and make me once again whole.Although, i know, you are not mine and no matter how big galaxy you are in my eyes, i am a single star inside of yours.I just don't dare to tell you my heart talk, my emotions, to tell you what i feel for you ,what you are to me.So,i have no choice but to hope that may be someday you would willingly choose me over the rest of stars, maybe somehow you would come to know that how much i love you, how much i want you, how much i need you, how much i crave for you like an abandoned kid craves for love... :))