• ellawilz 6w

    The last goodbye

    His eyes spoke of the agony that his lips could never utter,
    Grief unquestionable stood on his heart,
    His world had dimmed by the loss of his star.

    His mind reminisced the eventful morning it was;
    The bear hug that he had passionately engulfed his little angel in,
    The melodious laughter that her full lips let out,
    And the twinkle in her starry eyes that gave his morning a satisfaction
    How could he forget the goodbye kiss she planted onto his cheeks,
    The glorious seal of the morning's meeting.

    If only fate had whispered into his ears that it was the last he would see his star,
    He would have gripped her tighter than ever,
    Keeping her in his embrace forever.
    Bella A