• ___faisalkhaan 30w

    People seem somehow same at times,
    Though differently they frame at times.

    People though seem good and loving,
    You still will get a blame at times.

    They know about right and wrong,
    Both together they tame at times.

    Vices, sins, though deep in their soul,
    Still they rise in fame at times.

    What they do, day in and out,
    Deep inside soul shame at times.

    Though walking on ways straight,
    Still they seem lame at times.

    To the outer world, they seem sound,
    Deep inside they brame at times.

    What they do though full of errors,
    Kind they are, they claim at times.

    Apparently though they like ashen,
    Inside they harbor flame at times.

    Faisal, what more to expect from them?
    Even they forget name at times.
    ©Faisal khan