• cosines 10w

    Repeating some stories of mermaids
    and humming some nursery rhymes, we both got each other.
    In my life I found some people, ignored many, captured some in a virtual frame and kept them forever with me and so I kept you, for-ever, with me.

    A Sister is like vein that infuses life into you. Like a naughty child, who bothers you, who knows that you feel tickling so hard, yet deliberately tickles. Sister is like a light soft cotton, who after seeing you in tears, gets herself wet, and becomes heavy. She is a secret keeper, who will secretly sign below your test papers in place of parents, so that your poor marks cannot reach them and You won't be scolded. She'll also warn you as she's not gonna save you the next time. Grasp good marks.

    Dear kiddo, my emotions have aquired all your love as You re-introduced me to all those nursery poems, in which innocence flows more strongly than excellence. Those whom I read and get distracted from the present, memories throw me away from now, in those days, where i get nothing but peace.

    Sister, the most important spice of my recipes, without which everything is faded. Who honestly tells the right taste of my recipes, who tells me that you're looking beautiful in this white dress more than in black.

    A sister who tries your new dresses before you and says, it looks more better on me. You've given me all these vibes, all the love I expected from my sister
    You've given me a lot, love you my little.

    Happiest birthday Aarti. Best blessings of Ganpati Bappa for you. Happy Years Ahead ❤ @aarti_singh

    - Didu


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