• joemyermuwe 5w

    Each at his or her own

    I travelled contrast pursuits
    Tried to hide what I am and what
    I felt with the fear of being deduced by anyone
    I have scrimmaged with calculations
    I have hustled with chemicals and solutions

    I seemed like a mad man chasing houseflies
    On a hot afternoon, only trying to live to the levels of others.
    But then I enraptured
    Not mortal love, but bibliophilic love

    I read all works of Shakespeare , Austen, Fitzgerald, Achebe, Greene, Camus, Dickens and Orwell
    And after absorbing I stopped reading as a reader , but a writer.
    And I had feelings that kept awake all night
    Then I met ballardry , courtesy Of Shakespeare
    And now my heart settles at my passion