• poetusideways 5w

    At least I believe it

    Beauty you have
    Strong soul you know I see
    A gorgeous smile you acquired
    Desired results you will have
    Because I believe when I see your smile
    I know it whenever you laugh
    Or even see it in mine somehow
    You're eminently beautiful inside
    Outside you're pretty entirely
    I admittedly seen you're wildly sad
    Sometimes and or alot like I
    Because we have similar issues you and I
    However, we understand one another
    We can relate to each other and,
    We care about one another
    You're an amazing person and friend
    Always in my soul and heart, you've gotten a special place in mine as I do for yours alike
    Never mind those devilish lies
    Because they're not true and you're beautiful enough for another at least in my two blue true eyes!