• oorjanidhi 6w

    Hey mom!
    Can you oil my hair.. please
    I had just sat down after a long day of work
    Exhausted, trying to relax my nerves.
    Oh.. oh yes honey! Come over!
    The joy of feeling her hair
    Being close to my little one was a special treat

    Now listen mom
    This oil for the roots and tips
    The other one for the entire length.
    Now make a middle parting
    Apply on them, religiously
    Remember the type of oil
    Don't mess it up.
    Don't rub my hair sideways
    You are tearing them.
    Separate each strand
    Let oil flow in the downward direction
    Ouch.. you just pulled it too hard
    Easy mom..
    You got nails mom
    Please dig them a little
    Don't pour oil directly
    It will get sticky....
    You are too vigorous with your palm
    Soften the movement
    Can't you do anything properly
    How many times I told you
    To apply only the right kind of oil.
    Such a simple thing as oiling
    You don't know how to do anything...
    Next moment I see her stomping off!
    I sat there with greased hands
    Open mouth
    Bemused expression..
    I laughed a silent laughter
    My stomach, responding in funny vibrations
    My eyes softened
    Having been forcefully taught the nuances
    I can qualify myself as an expert head massuse
    .. Oiling anyone?