• king_lyrics7 5w


    Take me to the rooftops 
    Show me the lights of the city
    How they look so pretty 
    How the lights shine like stars 
    Were the breeze sounds like a classical guitar 
    To see people walking by with different stories 
    And past glories 

    Take me to the rooftops 
    with no fear of falling over
    Were I am as unique as a black Clover
    To feel my thoughts drift away 
    And to have this moment on replay 
    To hope it continues on and on everyday 

    Take me to rooftops 
    Let me lose sight of time
    To be in my own pattern like a rhyme
    How exhilarating it is to feel this complete 
    To make me feel like I accomplished a great feat
    Meanwhile I am just staring down at the streets 

    As I look down my heart never drops
    Never seizes never stops
    My mind is a 24/7 open shop
    The moment I set foot
    On this rooftop